DiscoverOur Story

About Los Pergaminos

Los Pergaminos, is a family restaurant that after 30 years continues to preserve its home cooking essence, its most succulent recipes and its passion for things well done.
We believe in a sincere product that represents the humblest traditional gastronomy as well as the most contemporary creations.

Without intention, our Family Food House feel, our Rustic Atmosphere, our Tapas and Seafood Paella (which is one of our most Popular dishes), have become an attraction for all those who are walking through the Barcelonas Gothic Quarter streetand want to taste one of the best Paellas in the Bohemian Area .

We do not have Michelin stars or articles in the Time Out, no, we do not believe in that mediatization of the guild, however we dedicate our time to the kitchen and to the management of our project, looking for the best product, the closest, the trusted product as our parents taught us with great dedication and effort.


Never forget where you come from stay true to your Roots

Our Kitchen

and Family.

is Hugely Passionate and gives the best to make every bite a special taste.

The Dinning Room

and the Tables.

Romantic and Smooth Atmosphere with the back of Classic and Modern Jazz Moody Music.

The Bar

and the Entrance.

Perfect for a Glass of Wine, we have a decent Variety Selection of Interesting Local Wines.

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